Pray for STORY Bangor 2018

We are asked to pray for STORY Bangor 2018 as several of the churches in Bangor, County Down come together this year for an evangelistic outreach.
St Andrew’s Presbyterian is one of the fellowships taking part. Its Minister, Rev Mark Johnston, has penned the following article to let us know what’s happening in the run up to, and during the event.

STORY Bangor 2018

STORY Bangor 2018

‘As a new calendar year begins, we wanted to wish everyone a Gospel-shaped 2018. It’s our prayer that each and every one of us will rejoice and suffer, work and pray, serve and love ALL to the glory of Jesus Christ. It’s our prayer that Jesus will be revealed more in each of our hearts. It’s our prayer that Gospel-renewal will continue to impact all of our church families across Bangor and beyond. It’s our prayer that the Kingdom of Jesus Christ will continue to advance in Bangor, in Northern Ireland and across the world, as people encounter the life-transforming power of Jesus as His Spirit works in their lives. It’s our prayer that each one of us will live each day this year confident of the Lord’s great love, resting in His sovereign rule, and longing for His return.

It’s also our prayer that followers of Jesus Christ across Bangor will come together in more intentional ways, to pray for each other and for the communities that we’re part of. To work together to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ with people we encounter in our daily lives. To that end, we want to provide you with some information about STORY Bangor 2018.’

Pray for STORY Bangor 2018, an outreach initiative taking place in Bangor, Co Down.

‘It is an evangelistic outreach initiative from 9th – 13th May 2018 involving Hamilton Road Presbyterian, Hamilton Road Baptist, Lisnabreen Presbyterian and St Andrew’s Presbyterian churches, in conjunction with Glen Scrivener, Director and Evangelist in Speak Life Ministries. Glen is passionate about people meeting Christ and equipping Christians to share their faith.

During STORY Bangor, a series of gatherings will be arranged throughout the week for people of all ages and backgrounds. Our hope and prayer is that Christians in churches across Bangor will feel able to invite friends and family members along to one or some of these evangelistic events, where they’ll have the opportunity to listen to guest speakers sharing their stories of how they have encountered Jesus and are being transformed by Him day-by-day. Our prayer is that through these stories that are shared, and through the relationships built with other Christians, that many people will be drawn to give their lives to Jesus Christ.

In the coming weeks, we will be launching a STORY Bangor website along with publicity material that will be rolled out across Bangor. More updates will follow as things progress.

STORY Bangor 2018

We are also holding a number of joint Prayer Gatherings, which we’re calling PRAY Bangor. The first PRAY Bangor gathering is on Wednesday evening 31st January 2018, 8:00pm at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Bangor. We’ll be gathering together to pray to the Lord, to sing to Him, to encourage each other in the faith, to hear more about the plans for STORY Bangor, and to enjoy fellowship together over tea, coffee and refreshments. Craig Dyer, Training Director of Christianity Explored Ministries will also be with us, and will be sharing from God’s Word, as we consider the Lord’s role in evangelism and our role in evangelism. Robin Fairburn from The Good Book Company will also be with us, and will have a series of books and resources that may help us as we not only pray for Bangor and the wider world, but as we reach out to the people around us with the Good News of Jesus Christ. You are very welcome to join us in this time of prayer.

Please feel free to share this invitation to PRAY Bangor on 31st January with others. We look forward with expectation what the Lord will do in us and through us, by His Spirit, in the days to come, as we work together for the sake of the Gospel, and all for the glory of Jesus Christ and encourage you to pray with us and for us.’

“Build Your Kingdom here, let the darkness fear.
Show Your mighty hand, heal our streets and land.
Set Your Church on fire!
Win this nation back.
Change the atmosphere. Build Your Kingdom here, we PRAY!”

Keep in touch with what’s happening at St Andrew’s Presbyterian, Bangor by visiting their website here. Also look out for the launch of the STORY Bangor website coming soon.