Gideons Bibles given to riders at the 2024 North West 200

Motorcycle racing is fast paced, so we were blessed when new riders at the North West 200 on Northern Ireland’s North Coast took time to meet The Gideons International in May 2024.

Chairman, Lexie Duncan, presented The Gideons International to approximately 60 new riders before receiving their race briefing from organisers. Special editions of New Testaments were printed with a motorcycle image to help create a personal connection and engage the reader with God’s Word. All new riders and organisers were offered New Testaments as a gift which was well received.

Gideons Bibles given to new riders at the 2024 North West 200
Special edition New Testaments were handed out by Gideons International to new riders at the North West 200

Gideons International, established in 1908, began with Christian businessmen placing Bibles in Hotels. Gideons have now distributed over 2 billion Scriptures by placing and presenting God’s Word in strategic areas of national life in 95 languages to over 200 countries.

Operating for over 70 years, the Northern Ireland chapter actively engages in outreach to various sectors, including schools, hospitals, and prisons, with the goal of winning individuals for Jesus Christ through Bible distribution.

Gideons International Northern Ireland welcomes new members or prayer support to continue their mission of bringing people to know the Lord through the distribution of God’s Holy Word.

You can contact the Gideons via Lexie Duncan: 07809 749 246 or Steve Risk: 07920 018083 or email