150th Anniversary Event Celebrates Missionary Amy Carmichael

Amy Carmichael was one of the world’s best known and inspirational missionaries. She was born in Millisle, County Down 150 years ago. Amy and her legacy will be remembered and celebrated by the Presbyterian Church in Ireland (PCI) at a special event on 19th April 2018.

150th Anniversary Event Celebrates Missionary Amy Carmichael

‘Lasting Legacy – 150th anniversary celebration of the birth of Amy Carmichael’

This will take place in Millisle and Ballycopeland Presbyterian Church in Millisle, where she worshiped with her family as a child. The event is on 19th April and will start at 7.30pm. It will also look at the issue of slavery today, a subject that was important to her.

“Amy’s life and dedicated service to the Lord, both at home and overseas, was truly inspirational,” Rev. Uel Marrs, PCI’s Global Mission Secretary said. “As a young adult living in Belfast in the late 1880’s, Amy’s heart went out to the ‘shawlies’, the women who worked in the mills.”

“Often impoverished and unable to afford hats, they covered their heads with shawls. As part of her outreach, Amy opened a hall known as ‘The Welcome’ and down through the years this became the Welcome Evangelical Church. It is still going strong in Cambrai Street in north Belfast today.”

Having left Ireland, Uel Marrs explained that after a period of time in Manchester and Japan, Amy devoted the greater part of her life to mission in southern India. “In 1901 she founded the Dohnavur Fellowship in what is now the state of Tamil Nadu, an organisation devoted to rescuing girls and young women from slavery and poverty, providing them with a safe home.”

150th Anniversary Event Celebrates Missionary Amy Carmichael

“Known as ‘Amma’, or ‘Mother’ to those she rescued for over 50 years, she died in 1951 aged 83 and is buried in Dohnavur. The Fellowship is still in operation today and provides care and education for around 120 children and 60 senior citizens.”

“During her life Amy also wrote numerous books which continue to inspire many in their Christian life and service. She has an incredible and far-reaching legacy!” Uel Marrs said.

During the evening, Uel Marrs along with Ruth Cooke of the International Justice Mission, will talk about the challenge of slavery today. Those attending will also hear Jacky Woolcock, a former missionary to Dohnavur talk about the history and ongoing work of the Dohnavur Fellowship.

Jonathan Clarke, pastor of the Welcome Church in Belfast, which Amy founded, will talk about her early years.

Rev. John Flaherty, minister of Millisle and Ballycopeland Presbyterian Church, will talk about her life in Millisle. He said, “Amy Carmichael’s life and legacy means a great deal to people in the Millisle area. It is very fitting that this 150th anniversary celebration of her birth is taking place in her childhood congregation.”

“We are hoping that many people, both local and from across the country, will join us for the event. It will not only look at her life and legacy, but also look at the issue of slavery today – a subject which was so dear to Amy’s heart.”

“There will also be a small exhibition, bookstall and refreshments. Everyone who comes along will be given a warm welcome,” he said.

‘Lasting Legacy – 150th anniversary celebration of the birth of Amy Carmichael’.

Thursday 19th April 2018 at 7.30pm – Millisle and Ballycopeland Presbyterian Church, Main Street, Millisle.

For further information contact the Mission Department of PCI on +44 (0)28 9032 2284 or email: global@presbyterianireland.org.

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