New Manager at the Faith Mission in Ballymena – Andrew Houston

Andrew Houston is the new Manager of the Faith Mission in Ballymena. In the article which follows, he brings us up-to-date with the organization’s work in the area.
Andrew writes:
“Firstly, let me take this time to introduce myself. My name is Andrew Houston and I am the new manager of Faith Mission Ballymena. I wanted to make contact with The Church Page to let you know what’s going on with the store and mission in full.

“Here in Ballymena we are in full planning for new changes to take place in the store. We soon hope to introduce a drop in coffee/tea area here in High Street shop, Ballymena. This would allow our shoppers and also the general public to find a place to rest weary legs, relax and meet with joy, comfort and support from the staff within the mission.

New Manager at the Faith Mission in Ballymena – Andrew Houston
A large selection of cards, gifts and Bibles are available at Faith Mission Ballymena

Andrew went on to say, “I have only been in the job a couple of months but already I feel like we as Mission can be doing so much to reach out into the community of Ballymena and afar with the amazing love of Jesus.
It still surprises me to this day that our shop in 57 High Street, Ballymena is still not known and that is something we are wanting to change. With this in mind new signs have been gone in the windows of the store and a new banner has been placed on the wall adjacent to the entrance of the Tower Centre carpark.
We have already made contact with many churches in Ballymena and the surrounding areas, alongside meeting with the youth workers of Ballymena. We hope to be present at local gatherings within the community to promote the amazing things that the store and the mission had to offer everyone.

New Manager at the Faith Mission in Ballymena – Andrew Houston
A small snapshot of the many Christian publications available at Faith Mission Ballymena

Finally he encourages you to call in to the shop. “So, I hear you ask, is it just a bookshop? The simple answer to that is no, we offer a vast array of other gifts, cards, and Bibles. However, we also offer a solace with listening ears and praying hearts.
We love to see so many more people of Ballymena take up our offer and call in and see us.”

For more information on The Faith Mission in Ballymena, visit their Facebook page.