New Man Seminar at LFCC Church, Belfast

2nd – 4th June 2021

John G Lake Ministries have organised a New Man Seminar which will take place at LFCC Church, Belfast from Wednesday 2nd until Friday 4th June 2021 from 9am-5pm.

John G Lake Ministries UK & ROI are committed to the five countries it is designated to (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland); with regular visits to each one throughout the year. Building LifeTeams, Study Groups, facilitating training and outreach, and equipping churches and believers with the Dominion Life Message.

John G. Lake Ministries not only have events in person, but stay linked in with people all around the UK and ROI through weekly “Zoom” calls. Currently, the ministry have a Communion Service Call every Wednesday evening, a DHT Q&A Call every Monday evening and a “Get Started” Call every Tuesday evening to help people get plugged in world wide to the JGLM Message. They also have an Intercessory Prayer Group who meet on zoom daily every morning with specific prayer points for the ministry and our nations.

New Man Seminar at  LFCC Church, Belfast

Looking ahead to the New Man Seminar, a spokesperson for John G Lake Ministries told The Church Page:
“The New Man Seminar was put together by Brother Curry Blake. If you are a born-again believer, then this training is for you. To help you realise who you truly are in Christ Jesus. This teaching is life changing.”

FREE tickets for the New Man Seminar are available by clicking on the eventbrite website.