Flourish! Suicide Prevention Initiative seek volunteer trainer

Flourish! is a partnership between Lighthouse Ireland, clergy from the Christian Churches in Northern Ireland and the Public Health Agency.
The initiative has the support of the leaders of the four larger churches in Ireland and is offered as a resource to all churches to integrate into their pastoral care.

Outlining plans for an exciting new opportunity within the organisation, a Flourish! spokesperson told The Church Page:
“We are delighted that our training events are growing in capacity and as such, we are recruiting an additional volunteer trainer to help deliver our ongoing calendar of Theological and Self-Care training events.”

Flourish Suicide Prevention Initiative seek volunteer trainer

Requirements for the role:

The role requires the successful candidate to facilitate Flourish! training to Clergy and members of religious denominations and faith-based groups in Northern Ireland.

• • Commitment to delivering 1 x 1 day course as part of the Trainers for Training assessment process, prior to receiving Trainers for Training qualification

• • Commitment to delivering 2 x 1 day courses (post qualification) each year on behalf of Flourish!

• • Attend Flourish! Trainer quarterly meetings

Essential skills:

• • The candidate must have experience of facilitating groups in different environments such as online platforms, as well as face to face, to deliver training events and workshops.

• • The candidate must have completed the Flourish! Theological and Self-Care training and have an awareness, knowledge and understanding of suicide and those affected by bereavement by suicide.

• • Competent interpersonal and communication skills

• • Meeting, or in the process of meeting, the standards set out in the PHA Standards for Quality Training (see below for guiding principles)

• • Proven ability to work as part of a team

Desirable skills:

• • Proficient in the use of Microsoft applications such as Powerpoint and Word along with competent in the use of data projectors and online platforms

• • A willingness to participate in self-reflection as part of the personal development aspect of the training

• • A working knowledge of risk assessment

• • Practice a healthy self-care programme in their own lives

Please send your completed CV based on the requirements and skills needed to: info@wewillflourish.com. Closing date for application is Friday, 18th June 2021.
For more information on Flourish! Suicide Prevention Initiative, log on to www.wewillflourish.com