Going Through a Difficult Time? Journey Counselling is Here To Help

Are you going through a difficult time? Journey Counselling is here to help.

The Journey Counselling and Pastoral Care Centre is part of Journey Community Church in Antrim. This venture offers life restoring, confidential counselling for adults and children. (This is a not-for-profit initiative although there is a charge to cover the cost of the counselling session.)

Journey Counselling
Currently there are four counsellors and one Family & Children’s Counsellor involved in the project.
Lead Pastor at Journey Community Church, John Ashe, said.

“At Journey we understand that life can sometimes become difficult. Seasons change and we can find ourselves at times feeling a little overwhelmed. Our minds and emotions all to often come under extreme pressure that can cause all sorts of internal conflicts, hurts and pain.
At Journey Counselling we really understand those pressures and we are here to help. Our counsellors have a huge wealth of experience. They understand your difficulties, working with adults, children and families we can help. By using a variety of therapeutic tools we can help you to resolve the conflicts that you face.”

Journey Counselling and Pastoral Care Centre offers life restoring and confidential counselling for adults and children.

If you would like to book an appointment please click Book Now on the Journey Counselling Facebook page here. You can also call 02894462444 or email counselling@journeycommunity.co.uk.