Ballybogey Christian Fellowship

Ballybogey Christian Fellowship invite you to their monthly meetings. These meetings are held in Ballybogey Community Centre, just a few miles from Ballymoney. The next meeting will take place on Sunday 2nd July 2017 at 3:30pm.

Ballybogey Christian Fellowship

You will be given a warm welcome if you go along to the next meeting of Ballybogey Christian Fellowship. It takes place on Sunday 2nd July at 3:30pm in Ballybogey Community Centre.

Ballybogey Christian Fellowship member Tom McDonald is keen to give a warm welcome to regular friends and new faces.

“Our usual format involves opening praise and worship before we look at God’s Word to present the Gospel message. We will have Irwin Holmes from vision4kids at this meeting who will give an update report on their work. The title of our closing message will be No More Explanations, No More Excuses.
This will be followed by tea, coffee and refreshments. Everyone will be made most welcome”, added Tom.

Ballybogey Community Centre is at Ballindreen Road, Ballybogey, Ballymoney. You can find Ballybogey Christian Fellowship on Facebook here.