Help Christianity Explored Reach Albania

Could you help Christianity Explored reach Albania? This has been the vision of Erion Cuni, Pastor of the Life in Christ Evangelical Church in Tirana.  He would love to see the Christianity Explored Course available in the Albanian language throughout Albania. The Christianity Explored Course is available in a form known as the ‘Prisoners Journey’ within the Albanian prison system. But Erion’s vision is to move CE from behind bars, with the help of God, and make it available to the whole Albanian nation. The aim is to bring many to new life in Jesus Christ through His life-giving gospel. A first production run of 10,000 Christianity Explored booklets, 2,000 Leader Guides & 1,000 accompanying DVD’s is envisaged. At the same time, training 500 small group leaders over an initial 3-5 year period.

Help Christianity Explored Reach Albania

But Erion needs help! This is where Scott Ballantine, Irish Coordinator of the Adopt-A-Child Programme comes in. He and Erion have joined forces to try and get this project off the ground. Scott is spearheading the fundraising and 25,500 Euros are required. Scott is also a Director of the LWI/AAC ministry in Albania. They work in the Pogradec area, and has a real passion for the gospel in Albania.

Scott when asked about where he expected to get the necessary funds replied. “The Lord has already supplied the resources, it’s in the pockets of His people. He just has to prompt them to pass it on to me. I believe He will do so, as our primary aim is to raise up the banner of Jesus Christ across Albania, to the Glory of God.”

Help Christianity Explored Reach Albania

When asked why Albania needed Christianity Explored, Scott gave the following reasons.

• There is a nationwide social, political and economic collapse in Albania. People are trying to leave in droves. Families and social networks are disintegrating and there is a sense of despair over the nation. The gospel is the only thing that can bring hope and change.
• Militant Islam is on the rise in Albania & Islam is being spread through schools that are founded by foreign Islamic groups in many of the major cities.
• Large areas of the country are still untouched by the gospel 25 years after the fall of communism. Many city neighbourhoods have no gospel witness whilst villages are mostly devoid of witness. Just one illustration- in the Fier region, the second most populous in Albania, there are 106 villages, with just 2 churches and 5 evangelistic works. This resource will equip existing churches to do more and go further into the country.
• Christianity Explored gives the churches a tool that they can use at a time when workers are few. Most churches rely on the pastor or a few key leaders to do evangelistic studies. This will enable far more people within the churches to get the gospel out!

Can you help Christianity Explored reach Albania?

Have you the heart to help? Would you be willing to pray, donate or fundraise? If so, Scott would love to hear from you. You can email him