Cavetime Will Visit Ireland in May 2017

US based group Cavetime will visit Ireland later this year in May.
Firstly, they will be in All Nations Church, Dublin on Friday 19th & Saturday 20th May 2017.  They will then move on to take part in other engagements throughout Ireland.
On Saturday 27th May 2017, the team will be with the Mighty Men at Victory Praise Community Church, Ballymena for two meetings. The first one is a Leaders Lunch, which will take place at 1:00pm. Please note that spaces for this are limited.
However, everyone is welcome at a Men’s Event which will take place in Victory Praise at 7:00pm on the same day.

Cavetime Will Visit Ireland

What is Cavetime?
Cavetime’s mission is to kindle fire in the hearts of men. It seeks to do this in a number of ways.

1. CTF (Cavetime Films) – CTF is created to connect with men and women through the avenue of the visual arts. This year, this produced an original documentary called The Trip: Mountains & Manhood. This film will be screened at film festivals, churches, and businesses to drive men and women everywhere to live out the adventure God has called them to. For more information, visit The Trip website here.

2. CTX (Cavetime Expeditions) – CTX is created to connect with men through the avenue of adventure. If we know one thing, men love adventure! Cavetime taps into this vein by taking men into the wild and teaching them survival skills, hunting techniques. Most importantly, being a part of a band of brothers.

3. CTE (Cavetime Experience) – CTE is created to connect with men and women through our weekend events. Cavetime has travelled across the US for over five years and ministered to thousands of men through the CTEs.

4. CTM (Cavetime Music) – CTM is created to connect with men and women through the avenue of worship. Music is a powerful way to connect with your Creator. In 2012, they recorded an original worship album by The Brilliance called, Cavetime: A Worship Experience. It is composed of twelve tracks, six lyrical and six instrumental. The lyrical tracks are meant to help men lift their voice to their Creator. The instrumental tracks are perfect to set an atmosphere of prayer and worship. CTM is currently working on another original worship album set to release in 2018.

5. CTB (Cavetime Books) – Jeff Voth is the author of Cavetime and The Sling. His next book, set to release in the autumn of 2017, is called A Wall For His Daughters.

Cavetime will visit Ireland in May 2017. Events planned include All Nations Church, Dublin & Victory Praise Church, Ballymena.

For more information on the Cavetime events at Victory Praise Community Church you can email them. Send it to or through Mighty Men on Facebook here.
To find out more about their visit to Dublin you can email or check out the event on Facebook here. You can also log on to the Cavetime website here.