Behold Your Mother by Rev Alistair Bates

A new publication, Behold Your Mother by Rev Alistair Bates, minister of Wellington Presbyterian Church, Ballymena, will help to support and rescue children caught up in child trafficking. Thirty per cent of the sales from each copy sold will go to the work of the International Justice Mission.  The International Justice Mission are committed to helping many young people caught up child trafficking by rescuing them.

Behold Your Mother by Rev Alistair Bates

Alistair says, “30% of the proceeds of the sales of ‘Behold Your Mother’ will benefit the International Justice Mission. The Christian organisation are committed to rescuing two million children held captive in the global sex trade industry.

Why not purchase a copy today for just £1 and help suffering children around the world?”

‘Behold Your Mother’ is described as ‘A 30-page bible study that will bring hope to millions’.

“It is a story not just for Easter but for life. Under the grey skies of Jerusalem, new hope and a new family emerged.
While Mary wept over the body of her dying son, frustration and grief were overwhelming, but Jesus heard her cries. He made provision for his mother and for the beloved John. ‘You must be together’ Jesus whispered through his words. In her frustrations Mary found family, and in his grieving John discovered Grace. In this sample Bible study we discover their journey. By reading it, you might find yourself at the foot of the cross too”.

Behold Your Mother by Rev Alistair Bates

Would you like to help bring hope to children caught up in child trafficking? Thirty per cent of the sale of every copy of Behold Your Mother by Rev Alistair Bates will go to the work of the International Justice Mission.

Not only is this a great study book and a way of raising money for a great cause – there’s more! Whoever purchases the 500th download of ‘Behold Your Mother’ will be sent a free book. ‘Dirty Glory’ by Pete Greig, a powerful manuscript on prayer, connected with the 24/7 prayer movement.

‘Behold Your Mother’ has been released by Timeless Publications. To get your copy click here where you can order and download it. Please share this article to spread the word about Behold Your Mother by Rev Alistair Bates. #sharetheconversation