2016 General Assembly Summary Report

The Presbyterian Church in Ireland has published its 2016 General Assembly Summary Report. This is their third Summary Report. It highlights the work of the Church and some of the decisions taken by the 2016 General Assembly.

The report contains an overview of some of the debates that took place in early June. It also gives a snapshot of some of the work that the Church undertook during the year. With 34 pages, the publication is the most expansive of the three Summary Reports since the first one was published in 2014.

2016 General Assembly Summary Report
The Presbyterian Moderator, Rev Dr Frank Sellar and Clerk of the General Assembly, Rev Trevor Gribben.

Approximately 1,000 people from congregations across Ireland were involved in four days of worship, prayer, Bible study, celebration and decision-making at Assembly Buildings in Belfast. The Assembly opened on the evening of Monday, 6th June to elect and install east Belfast Minister, Rev. Dr. Frank Sellar of Bloomfield Presbyterian Church as Moderator for the year. Over the course of the rest of the week over 90 resolutions were discussed during 1,740 minutes of debate and discussion.

The 2016 General Assembly Summary Report of the Presbyterian Church is now available for download. Here the Clerk of the General Assembly, Rev Trevor Gribben, gives an introduction to the report.

Rev. Trevor Gribben, Clerk of the General Assembly and General Secretary of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland said. “Given the scope of our activity as a Church, with congregations from Bushmills in County Antrim, to Aghada in County Cork, it is perhaps understandable there was much to discuss. Much concerned internal Church business, charities legislation for example, commercial use of Assembly Buildings and options for meetings of future Assemblies.”

“At the same time we discussed some of the pressing social, moral and public issues of the day. Areas where the Church, in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, can make a unique contribution and give voice to the concerns of many people, both within and outside our denomination.”

“Busy, productive and sometimes challenging, the General Assembly was all of these things. I hope this Summary Report will give you an insight to our discussions and the decisions that we took.”

You can download a copy of the full 2016 General Assembly Summary Report by clicking this link.