Global Outreach Day 2017 Video Launch

The Global Outreach Day 2017 video launch is taking place today, Tuesday 10th January 2017. This is in preparation for Global Outreach Day 2017 which is on Saturday 27th May 2017. In the article which follows, one of the organisers, Stuart Bothwell, looks ahead to the launch of the official campaign video.

Global Outreach Day 2017 Video Launch

Stuart writes, “As we look ahead to all that 2017 has in store, we are incredibly excited about the possibilities of the Global Outreach Day campaign. We’re dreaming of thousands of Christians across Ireland growing in confidence on the 27th May 2017 and sharing the story of Jesus Christ with those closest to them.

Over the next few weeks, Churches and groups will begin signing up. Training resources will be released. On 10th January we’re launching our campaign video. Check out the link below to watch the Global Outreach 2017 video for Ireland”

Global Outreach Day 2017 video launch is now available to watch online.

Watch the Global Outreach Day 2017 video launch here.

Stuart goes on to say, “The beauty of Global Outreach Day is the opportunity for us all to gather together around a simple idea, as we seek to provide an opportunity for those connected with us to step beyond fear and grow in confidence. This could be a significant moment as Churches, Parishes and organisations from across the island join together.

On Tuesday 10th January 2017 we are asking friends and supporters of the campaign to join us in sharing the campaign video across their social media and web channels. Through sharing the video, we’re hoping to spread the word that little bit further.

Would you be able to help us spread the word by sharing the video?

If so, please use the link above & point people in the direction of our website.
People can also connect with us via Twitter here, and Facebook here.”

Use #GlobalOutreachDay and help them to #sharetheconversation.