The Big Weekend At New Dawn

Get ready for the Big Weekend at New Dawn! If you’ve got the idea that Christianity is boring, prepare to have your misconceptions blown away by The Big Weekend at New Dawn Fellowship that’s taking place from Friday 6th until Sunday 8th May 2016.
You read it right, ONE weekend, FOUR massive events which will show beyond all doubt that Jesus is real and relevant right now in 2016.

The Big Weekend At New Dawn Fellowship

Organised by the Stand Youth Ministry, (which is part of New Dawn Fellowship), the programme kicks off at the Adair Arms on Friday, 8th May at the Adair Arms Hotel with a night run by Eternity Socials.
This will be a late night gig which will begin at 10pm.
Saturday moves forward with a ‘Drive In Concert and Testimony Night’ at the Market Yard in Ballymena from 7.30pm.
The line-up for this event is set to include Steve Parson, Laura Dowey, Jack Fleming, Jonathan McClelland, Ashlene Wright and Dustin Black, formerly of the Mark Trammell Quartet.
Broughshane Community Centre will be the venue for Sunday’s events. Steve Parsons will lead a Youth Service at 12 noon and there will be a chance to hear from the Watoto Choir at 7pm on the Sunday night.
Looking forward to what promises to be a great three days of worship, fun and fellowship, Event Organiser, Gary Lamont said: “We have felt burdened to organise a weekend of events to reach out to young people and bring them hope to their lives through Jesus.”

The Big Weekend at New Dawn – one weekend, four events, ‘showing beyond all doubt that Jesus is real and relevant in 2016!’

“The church in these days needs to change. It needs to adapt to reach young people who won’t think about walking through a church door. We are doing that with The Big Weekend – changing the delivery but not the message!
We want to encourage young folk to be busy inviting their friends and we’re reaching out to schools and through the internet to encourage young people to come along”, said Gary.
For more information about The Big Weekend at New Dawn or to find out more about  the evangelical Fellowship, log on to their website here.