Community Mission | Ballymena

Reaching out to our town with the love of Jesus, together “without walls”,

Community Mission | Ballymena …..

… a team of local Christians from several churches in the Ballymena area, coming together in partnership, and reaching out with the Good News of Jesus, to different communities in the Ballymena area.

  • It is a team who have a passion to tell the local communities of the transformation Jesus can bring.
  • It is aimed at reaching everyone in the community. We would love to connect with young, old, those who attend church, those who don’t, those who believe in God, those with no faith.
  • It is going to offer hope and compassion to those who are finding life is tough at present. The team will be there to chat, to listen and to pray.
  • It is about connecting people who are starting out on their journey of faith in Christ with a local church.

When and where is Community Mission | Ballymena happening?

  • Thursday nights 7.30pm to 9.30pm over 9 weeks from April to June – at a different location each week. The team will be partnering with the GODMODEX bus (see below)

Getting Involved –

Events like this need planning, training and prayer and the Community Mission without walls is no exception. There will be a team meeting on 28th April starting at 7.30pm in the new Costa Coffee in Ballymena (near the cinema). This meeting is for everyone who would like to be involved in the mission. Those who have a heart for compassion, those who want to share their love of Jesus, those who want to pray with others in the communities we visit and those who have other gifts which could be used at the events. Please come along if you can.

Community Mission | Ballymena begins on 28th April 2016.

The Community Mission has already plans to go to Dunclug, Doury Rd Estate and the Desmense Avenue area. The GODMODEX bus will be at each of these venues. We’ve already written about the GODMODEX bus here. As well as being a gaming bus it’s also going to become a great base and central point for each of the mission events. Shelter if the weather’s not so great and plenty of seating on-board. It’s also a pretty impressive vehicle so people will not miss us when we’re in their area!

Community Mission | Ballymena - GODMODEX bus

Here are the dates and venues so far –

28th April – team meeting starting at 7.30pm in the new Costa Coffee in Ballymena (near the cinema)

5th May – at Dunclug playground.

12th May – in the Doury Road Estate.

19th May – in the Desmense area, near the NRC (Northern Regional College)

It doesn’t end here! The community mission will continue to pop up at various venues throughout Ballymena during May & June. We’ll let you know well in advance of dates and locations – look out for the GODMODEX bus when it arrives in your area.