Public Talks: Applying the Beatitudes in our Community Today // February & March 2024

Ballymena Church Members Forum is pleased to announce that the Rt Rev Dr Norman Hamilton OBE will present two evening talks on Mondays 26 February and 25 March 2024 in the Meeting Rooms, West Church Ballymena and the Parish Centre, All Saints Church Ballymena, respectively.

Drawing from two of the Beatitudes, delivered by Jesus Christ during His Sermon on the Mount, Matthew Chapters 5,6 and 7, Reverend Hamilton will consider the issue of legacy relating to the long-term effects of the recent ‘Troubles’ (Monday 26 February 2024) and defining a just and sustainable peace (Monday 25 March 2024).

Public Talks: Applying the Beatitudes in our community today // February/March 2024

Rev Hamilton commented “After a time when Stormont hasn’t been functioning for so long, I think it is even more important that wider society continues to grapple with some of the very difficult and divisive issues facing us. And with so many people in our area still having a strong church connection, there has to be a place for Christian thinking in the discussions.

I’m delighted to have been given the opportunity to help the debate on both legacy and what a just peace might look like. There is certainly not a definitive Christian view on these troubling matters – but there are substantial Christian contributions to be brought to the table. It’s a privilege to help discuss them.

Each talk will start at 7.30pm, with time given for open discussion before closing at 9pm. Light refreshments will be served. Everyone with an interest in the activities of the Forum and these particular topics will be most welcome.

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