‘Tenebrae’ service at Journey Community Church, Antrim // Good Friday, 7th April 2023

You are invited to ‘Tenebrae,’ a special service at Journey Community Church in Antrim on Good Friday, 7th April 2023, to observe the final part of Holy Week commemorating the sufferings and death of Christ. (Doors Open at 7pm for a 7:30pm start.)

Anticipating a memorable evening, John Ashe, who is Lead Pastor at Journey told us:
“This will be a unique service that will bring to life the main characters who played their own part in the final days leading to the crucifixion of Jesus. Be prepared to be submerged in the story through drama, song and spoken word the unfolding of the Tenebrae meaning ‘darkness’ to the resurrection that served as an emblem of triumph over sin and death. This is an absolute don’t miss.”

You can sign up for the Tenebrae service, if you are intending to go, on the Journey Community Church website!

'Tenebrae' service at Journey Community Church, Antrim // Friday 7th April 2023