Timeless Publications plan Transformations Evening at Victory Praise Community Church Ballymena // 21 Feb 2023

Timeless Publications would love you to join them at a Transformations Evening, which will take place at Victory Praise Community Church on Tuesday 21st February 2023 from 7pm-9pm.
This will be a night to worship our awesome God, who transforms the lives of the broken, the hurting and the lost.

Organisers want to lift up the Christ who brings hope to those the world has written off as hopeless by showing the Saviour who heals wounds inflicted on people society laid to waste.

Several gifted musicians will help to raise the roof in praise as the King of Heaven is exalted.
You will also hear testimonies of the life-changing power of God in the lives of three speakers, whose stories featured in the recent Timeless book: ‘Wounded Not Wasted.’
• Allison Minford will reveal how the Lord enabled her to get back on her feet after a spinal stroke when she was just 36 years old. Also, you will hear how Jesus has helped her to go on living following the death of her youngest daughter, Lauren, as result of a road accident in 2013.
• Jenny McQuillan will speak about how the Lord answered her prayers when He healed her son, Connor, who was born with a life-limiting illness but subsequently became a top junior athlete and professional musician.
• Eileen Russell overcame a deep sense of resentment towards God on account of her father’s mental illness to pioneer Waymaker Play Therapy. This project is changing the way children and young people who have suffered trauma are being re-set to live their lives as God intended.

You will also get the chance to discover more about the work of the Timeless Theological Academy (TTA) which is providing access to Theological education to people who would otherwise struggle to afford or access it.
TTA Communications Officer, Joe Boyd, is one of the many people who can testify to the transformative impact of the Academy.
He said: “It is no overstatement to say that the Timeless Theological Academy changed my life.
First of all, Timeless Publications gave me the opportunity to fulfil my lifelong ambition to be a published author, beginning with my own story, ‘Trading Places: From Hopelessness to Happiness’, followed by ‘Trading Mindsets: God, Faith and Disability’ and most recently ‘Wounded Not Wasted: Transformed by God.’

“Through the Theological Academy which is both affordable and locally based I have been able to study for a Diploma in Applied Theology. Again, this is something I always wanted to do but was a dream which proved illusive until recently because of my physical limitations.”

Timeless Publications plan Transformations Evening at Victory Praise Community Church Ballymena // 21 Feb 2023

Joe went on to state that the Timeless Theological Academy really is for everyone, adding that: “Of course we would love to see people sign up for our courses but it would mean so much more if someone came along to the Transformations night and met with the Living God who loves them.”

Find out more about the Timeless Theological Academy (TTA) by logging on to: https://timelesstheologicalacademy.com