Margaret Wright retires as Musical Director at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Ahoghill

Margaret Wright is nothing less than a master of the ivories and indeed all things ‘note’-worthy having served as Musical Director at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Ahoghill for the past 21 years.
After countless choir practices, services and other special events, Margaret has decided to retire from her post. She played her final notes at Morning Worship on Sunday 27th February 2022 and subsequently received gifts on behalf of a grateful congregation.

Speaking on behalf of the choir, Samuel Black said: “Margaret, everyone in the choir will miss you very much. We have been privileged to have you as our choir mistress for the past twenty-one years. We all have different levels of ability but using both her musical and people skills, she has been able to provide a lovely blend of praise. You have created more than a choir, rather, a group of friends who love to praise the Lord together. We wish you God’s blessing and good health in the future.”

Speaking with genuine affection, Trinity’s Minister, Rev Brian Smyth described Margaret as ‘helpful’, ‘thoughtful’,’ forgetful’ and ‘faithful’ adding that he is grateful that she will still be around to help with the music from time to time.
He added: “On behalf of the congregation, I want to wish you a very happy, healthy and long retirement and we trust that you will know God’s blessing for the year ahead.”

Margaret Wright retires as Musical Director at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Ahoghill
Margaret Wright who retires as Musical Director at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Ahoghill with Rev Brian Smyth

As she thanked everyone for her lovely gifts, Margaret herself told the congregation: “It has been a joy to work with Brian over the last nine years. As for the choir, I love everyone of you, each member has been so faithful though all my years as organist. I would like to thank Elizabeth, Jane and Anne who have deputised for me over the last twenty-one years for your support.

“Most of all, I would like to thank God for his sustaining hands on my life. It is only by the grace of God that I have managed to continue for so long. My Granny Dickey was the ‘presenter’ here over 100 years ago, then my mum was in the choir as well, followed my myself and other family members and the praise has changed over the years. There are still lots of wonderful old hymns which we love, but in Scripture we are taught to worship God with music and singing. He told King David to: ‘sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord and bless His name.’ I would appeal to the younger generation that if God has gifted you with a singing voice and you can hold a tune please consider part of your service to God leading the praise at Trinity.”

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