‘Care For Creation’ group seek planters

The Care for Creation garden group at St Patrick’s Church, Crebilly have just recently been awarded a Pollinator grant to undertake an inter-church eco garden project at the following locations:
St Patrick’s Church at Crebilly,  and 
St Patrick’s Church Ballyclug at Ballymarlagh,
also the two graveyards and at certain safe points along the road between them. 

'Care For Creation' group seek planters

A spokesperson for the group told The Church Page:
“The gardens will also be accessible to wheelchair users, and we have teamed up with the charity Spinal Injuries Northern Ireland who have also donated to the projects and will be advising us on accessibility issues.   

“The bulbs have been ordered and hopefully will be here next week.  The planting season will soon be over, so there is a rush to get them planted in the next two weeks.”

“We were wondering if anyone would like to join us in planting these bulbs, they would be very welcome”, added the spokesperson.

Offers of interest can contact Donna on 07703 497187,
or Kirkinriola Parish office or Facebook page, 
alternatively, Jackie Greer at St Patrick’s Church, Ballyclug  
or the Spinal Injuries NI
Facebook page.