Ahoghill Ministers condemn attack on St Mary’s RC Church

Ministers from four Protestant Churches in Ahoghill have come together to condemn a paint attack on St Mary’s Chapel in the village on Friday night, 15th May 2020.
In a joint statement, Rev Dennis Christie (St Colmanell’s Church of Ireland), Rev William Moody (Brookside Presbyterian), Rev Mark Neilly (First Ahoghill Presbyterian), Rev Brian Smyth (Trinity Presbyterian) said:

“As ministers within Ahoghill we totally condemn without reservation the paint attack on St Mary’s Chapel in Ahoghill on Friday night. At the heart of Protestantism is the strong belief in civil and religious liberty for all. Those who carry out such an attack are not doing it for Protestantism or advancing Protestantism in any way. We want to assure our Catholic neighbours of our love and full support for them at this time. God is love and we repeat and encourage our people to obey the call of Jesus to love all your neighbours.”