Tea Dances at Ballymena Methodist Church

May and June 2019

The next dates for the monthly Tea Dances at Ballymena Methodist Church are as follows:
Tuesday 14th May 2019 and Tuesday 11th June 2019.

Tea Dances at Ballymena Methodist Church

The events are always held on the second Tuesday of each month, with the exception of July and August.

Elaine McDonald, who is part of the organising team, told us how the dances benefit those who come along.
She said: “The Tea Dance as an activity is a proven way to help address feelings of loneliness, anxiety and isolation.
These feelings are becoming much more common especially amongst our more older citizens, and arise through a variety of reasons, i.e. illness, retirement, family living away, bereavement.”

Elaine went on to say: “We all have a responsibility to help address these issues and to encourage such vulnerable individuals to reconnect into our community.

Coming along to a Tea Dance, where everyone is made welcome can be especially recommended as there are no demands made on the individual nor is there any ‘hidden agenda.’
It is entirely about improving self-esteem and reducing isolation and provides a safe, cheerful way to promote feelings of wellbeing and positive mental health.”

You will be made welcome at the monthly Tea Dances at Ballymena Methodist Church

One enthusiastic fox-trotter added:

“I love coming to the Tea Dance! It’s just really friendly, and I always leave smiling and feeling happier.
I would really recommend it especially if, like me, you have stopped getting out as much as you used to.”

There is a very warm welcome for everyone, and a Tea Dance provides a great opportunity to meet some friendly people and to enjoy some company.
Everyone enjoys the pleasant atmosphere and you don’t have to know your slow foxtrot from your waltz!

Ballymena Methodist Church is located at 38 – 40 Ballymoney Road, Ballymena BT43 5BY. To find out more about the church visit their website here.