Radio Cracker cheque presentation night and dinner

The much anticipated Radio Cracker cheque presentation night and dinner took place on Friday 8th February. The venue was High Kirk Presbyterian Church, Thomas Street in Ballymena. For everyone who has an involvement with Radio Cracker this is a much looked-forward to evening as cheques for substantial amounts are presented to several charities. The cheque presentation event brings home the importance of each year’s fundraising as the charity representatives explain how the money will be used to bring hope and God’s love to many marginalised and needy people. This year the presentations were preceded by a fundraising dinner.

Radio Cracker cheque presentation night and dinner

Radio Cracker say,

‘A fantastic total of £60,925 was raised last year and for this we thank each and every one who donated, sponsored shows, advertised, bought goods from our shop or supported any of our fundraising events throughout the year. Without the generosity of the people of Ballymena and beyond, there would be no Radio Cracker!!

Chairman Neil Jordan said, “Of all the regular events that Radio Cracker run throughout the year, the Cheque Presentation Night has to be my favourite. It is so inspiring to hear directly from the charities how the money will be spent and the difference it will make throughout the world.”

The charities and projects to benefit from the cheques presented include:

  • £6,000 for Second Sight which will be used to cure approximately 500 people of cataract blindness in Bihar State in India.
  • £10,000 for Kids4School to build a dormitory at their school in Tanzania.
  • £8,500 for E3 Initiative to replace 2 dilapidated wooden classrooms with brick ones.
  • £11,250 for EMMS International to help fund refurbishment of health centres in Malawi.
  • £4,500 for BREAD for Kenya to supply 30 rainwater tanks for the people of Tharaka in Kenya.
  • £11,200 for Care for Cambodia to extend their chicken farm to provide sustainable income.
  • £4,500 for Lifeline Ministries to build a brick classroom in Kenya.
  • £4,375 for Spud Bears to provide talking bears to teach children about bombs in Laos.
  • £600 for Mission Africa for the supply of mosquito nets and wheelchairs.

Click here if you would like to read about the charities and projects in more detail.

Radio Cracker fundraising for 2019 has already started.

Although it might seem a long way to Christmas, Radio Cracker’s fundraising has already started for another year with our New and Nearly-New sale. This will be held at 20 Greenvale St from Monday 18th February – Saturday 16th March.