‘Once Gay’ film screening – Townsend Presbyterian Church, Belfast

Thursday 14th February 2019

A film entitled ‘Once Gay – Matthew and Friends’ will be screened at Townsend Presbyterian Church in Belfast on Thursday 14th February 2019 from 7pm.

This film premiere is being organised by the Core Issues Trust which includes representatives from Christian Concern and the Church of Ireland on its Board of Directors.

Explaining a little more about the film, Townsend Street Presbyterian Church’s Minister, Rev Jack Lamb told The Church Page:
“Last year, Matthew Grech shared his testimony in his X-Factor (Malta) interview which included leaving homosexual practices and was personally attacked for doing so by the country’s Equality Minister, Helena Dalli. His church stood with him, because they regret not having opposed Malta’s ban on “Conversion Therapy” when it was enacted in 2016. Matthew’s choice to leave the LGBT community, and the resistance he experienced when doing so, is a story shared by many in the UK.”

Essentially, the film contains Matthew’s testimony. He will also perform live and lead congregational worship before the film is screened.

'Once Gay' film screening - Townsend Presbyterian Church, Belfast

To get your tickets, (donation only) for the Belfast premiere of ‘Once Gay – Matthew and friends, log on to the eventbrite website here.

Townsend Street Presbyterian Church is located at 32 Townsend Street, Belfast BT13 2ES.