Kells Presbyterian Church launches new website

Kells Presbyterian Church in County Antrim has launched a brand new website to keep members and visitors up-to-date with everything that’s happening in the ‘twin village’ congregation.

Kells Presbyterian Church launches new website

This brilliant cyber platform opens with a lovely photograph of the Kells family, before displaying an easily accessible set of links which reveal more about the congregation’s work and witness for Christ.
From there, you can simply ‘click’ to discover about the fellowship’s beliefs and organisations. It also contains details of their youth and adult ministries. Or, you can find out about the missionary organisations that are supported by the Church.

Why don’t you take a glance through the colourful photo gallery?

Most of the recent sermons preached in the church can be listened to through the website. The ‘need help’ portal is there to answer any questions you may have relating to Kells Church. Importantly, you can also read more about the Lord Jesus Christ and discover how to become one of His followers.

Anyone wanting to contact the church can also find the information they need at the ‘contact us’ section.

Minister at Kells, Rev. Brian Boyd, told The Church Page:
“We are very pleased to see the new website up and running. We trust that people will find its content helpful and encouraging and that God will be glorified by what is available on the platform.”

Click here to browse Kells Presbyterian church new website for yourself.