Green Pastures Connect Ministries Christmas Appeal 2018

Green Pastures Connect Ministries Christmas Appeal 2018 

The team behind Connect Ministries at Green Pastures Church in Galgorm, Ballymena have launched their annual Christmas Appeal. They are asking for your support to help them reach out to others.

Green Pastures Connect Ministries Christmas Appeal 2018

Ministry Co-Ordinator, Janice Colgan told The Church Page:

“We would love to receive handbags and men’s wash bags, in good condition, filled with brand new items from our lists.”
“Also, we hope to fill other bags with toiletries and gift items for men, ladies, seniors, kids and expectant mums so you can donate single items if you prefer”, she explained.

Handbags of Hope for Ladies can be filled with the following:

Pajamas, socks, perfume, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, hand cream, face wipes, nail varnish, deodorant, candles, chocolates, sweets, hair brushes, hair accessories, manicure set.

Manbags of Hope may contain the items listed below:

Socks; aftershave, deodorant, shower gel, men’s moisturizer, woolly hat; gloves, combs, hair gel, shaving form, chocolate, sweets, nail clippers, tissues, mints, toothbrush, toothpaste.

Baby Bags of Hope will feature:

Newborn nappies; vests and baby grows; baby wipes, Sudocream, baby shampoo, baby bath and baby oil, baby powder, baby hairbrush, cotton wool, nursing cloths and bibs, dummies and sanitary towels.

Toy bags of Hope should contain new toys for boys and girls of various ages.

Finally, Seniors Bags of Hope will be filled with several items:

Mints; thick or slipper socks; teabags, biscuits, bar of soap, shampoo, shoe polish set, shampoo conditioner, toothpaste; packet of sweets; hairbrush/comb; scarf; gloves; marmalade/jams; bottle of fruit juice; hot water bottle.

Green Pastures Connect Ministries Christmas Appeal 2018

Can you help by donating to their Appeal?

The drop-off point for these items is Dream Centre, Ballee Way, Ballee or Green Pastures Church, Galgorm. Alternatively, call Janice Colgan on 02825 422543 or email