Another Successful Year For Radio Cracker Ballymena

2017 was another successful year for Radio Cracker Ballymena. By the end of this year’s broadcast on 23rd December they had raised £63,500. Thanks to some additional donations after close-down this figure has risen to a final total of £64,200 for 2017!

This includes the money raised during the broadcast and several other fundraising events held throughout the year. This is a fantastic total, and once again Radio Cracker would like to thank everyone who supported them.

Radio Cracker Ballymena Raised £63,500 in 2017

The chairman, Gordon Dawson, said in his comments at the closing ceremony, “This will help the blind to see and babies to live!” He went on to thank all the businesses who had sponsored and those who had advertised on the station. Also the support from the many individuals who gave donations or bought items from the shop. He also thanked Sam Morrison for the use of the shop premises in the Tower Centre and Montgomerys on Ballymoney Street who for many years now, have given Radio Cracker the space for a permanent studio.

Radio Cracker Ballymena Raised £63,500 in 2017

2017 was another successful year for Radio Cracker Ballymena. The money raised will support several projects across the world.

Mission Africa – In Kenya, many old folks have no family to look after them and no hope of government assistance. With your help Mission Africa can give some of these senior citizens a better life in a loving Christian environment by building a new dormitory.

Second Sight – The state of Bihar in India is the worst area in the world for cataract blindness. Second Sight is a charity operating there to restore sight to these people. We hope, with your money, to fund over 800 of these operations this year.

E3 Initiative – In TA Malili in rural Malawi many children have lost one or both parents to AIDS-related illnesses.  E3 Initiative are helping to build a Health Clinic to give medical care to the children and educate their mothers to improve the health and well-being of families.

Kids4School – In Tanzania there is little opportunity for children to progress beyond primary school at age 13. With your help Kids4School hope to extend their Vocational Training Unit to offer courses to these children. Teaching them skills to better equip them for employment and offer an alternative route out of poverty.

Bushfire Ministries – Bushfire village in Zambia is currently home to 90 orphans. The majority of them have been orphaned due to the HIV crisis in Africa.  Bushfire Ministries seek to provide a safe & secure home for the orphans and an on-site primary school.  They also hope to purchase 2 solar water pumps to provide water to the farmland to help make the Bushfire Children’s village more self-sufficient.

BREAD – The Tharaka women in Kenya walk many miles to the river to get water. They fill 20 litre containers with river water. With your help, BREAD hope to provide the Tharaka people with forty more PVC rain water tanks. These tanks are especially useful in the rainy season as the rivers get contaminated and make the people sick.

EMMS International – 180,000 people in Malawi require compassionate, end-of-life care but only a fraction of them receive it. Your money will help to bring relief and comfort to 60,000 people by helping fund an ambulance for Emms International’s partner, David Gordon Memorial Hospital.

Tearfund – The Central African Republic (CAR) is the second poorest country in the world. Women in CAR are severely disadvantaged. Many suffer violence, stigmatisation and discrimination and are rarely educated. Tearfund’s project will enable women to increase their income and improve their livelihood security through literacy, numeracy & vocational training and help them set up small businesses.

More details are on the Radio Cracker projects page here.

To find out more about Radio Cracker Ballymena, visit their website here. You can also keep up-to-date with their 2018 news on Facebook here.