Keswick at Portstewart 2017

Keswick at Portstewart 2017 takes place this year from Saturday 8th to Friday 14th July.

This increasingly popular event will be held as usual on the Keswick at Portstewart site, just behind the promenade. The 1000 seater marquee will host the Evening Celebrations each evening at 7:30pm. The morning Bible Teaching will run from Monday to Friday at 11:00am.

Keswick at Portstewart 2017

The speakers at Keswick at Portstewart 2017 are as follows.

Mark Meynell is the speaker for the opening weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Mark lives in London working part-time as a freelance writer and part time as Europe Associate Director for Langham Preaching.

Jeremy McQuoid, Teaching Pastor at Deeside Christian Fellowship in Aberdeen, will be speaking at the weekday Evening Celebrations.

Robin Sydserff, Minister of Chalmers Church, Edinburgh will be bringing the morning Bible Teaching.

Praise will be led by Ian Hannah and his band.
Ian has considerable experience in leading praise both in various congregational settings and at large events.

Keswick at Portstewart 2017

A fringe event specifically for young adults will also take place in the Bob & Bert’s café tent on Sunday 9th July, starting at 9.00pm. Steve McGall will lead worship and Rick Hill will be the speaker.

Keswick at Portstewart is once again partnering with Portstewart CSSM to offer a full programme of activities for children and young people. There’s also opportunity to catch up with each other over a coffee or lunch in the Bob & Bert’s café tent. You can also browse and buy in the bookstore provided by

For more details of Keswick at Portstewart 2017, including all the programme details, go to their website here. You can also keep up to date on their Facebook page here or join the conversation on Twitter.