Connor Diocesan President Attended A Royal Garden Party

Valerie Ash, Connor Diocesan President attended a Royal Garden Party recently. Valerie, President of Connor Mothers’ Union, was one of five Diocesan Presidents from across the UK and Ireland to receive an invitation. The Garden Party was hosted by Her Majesty the Queen at Buckingham Palace on 1st June 2017.

Connor Diocesan President Attended A Royal Garden Party

The Queen is patron of Mothers’ Union. Valerie said it had been a privilege to represent Mothers’ Union members in Connor diocese at this once in a lifetime event. Especially so as MU in Ireland is celebrating ‘13 decades of Love and Service.’
“What a wonderful day it was!” said Valerie. “I enjoyed the fellowship of the Diocesan Presidents from Sodar and Man, Bristol, Manchester, Southwell along with Robert Dawes from Mary Sumner House.”
The MU group travelled from Mary Sumner House to the front gate of the Palace by taxi.

“How wonderful to tell the taxi driver ‘take us to Buckingham Palace!’” Valerie said. “We accessed the Gardens via the Courtyard and the Palace. We marvelled at the grandeur of the rooms we passed through.” The group descended the steps the Queen would later use herself into the magnificent gardens. The sun shone and guests were entertained by two bands which played all afternoon.

“We walked in the gardens, around the beautiful lake, surveying the attire of the 8,000 guests. We felt very posh in our carefully chosen outfits, including the fascinators!” Valerie commented. “We discovered the identity of 36 men wearing red cassocks. They are the Chaplains to the Queen and we had a most interesting conversation with one from Wigton.
It was hard to believe that on the other side of the garden wall the hustle and bustle of London life continued!
Valerie said she enjoyed the ‘exquisite little sandwiches’ and ‘dainty pastry’ at the Afternoon Tea and later the ice cream made with clotted cream.

Connor Diocesan President Attended A Royal Garden Party

Valerie Ash, Connor Diocesan President attended a Royal garden party at Buckingham Palace recently. She said it was ‘a day to remember.’

“Of course the highlight of the afternoon was the arrival of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh at 4pm. The guests formed along the route with many of the tallest getting good positions in the front. For the more vertically challenged it was a challenge to see her Majesty! However a tall friendly guest did volunteer to take some photographs for me,” Valerie commented.
The royal couple had tea in the VIP tent. As they left at 5.40pm Valerie was lucky to be close enough to get a photo of them.
“So many things made that day special,” added Valerie. “The Beefeaters, the Queen’s Personal Guard, parading around and the men in their Top Hats and Tails. Being addressed as ‘Madam’ by the very attentive staff and the beautiful weather all made this a day to remember!
Thank you Mothers Union for this opportunity to attend the Queen’s Garden Party!”

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