Victory Praise Community Church Host Cavetime

Ballymena based Victory Praise Community Church host Cavetime Ministries USA later this month. Victory Praise (VPC) in Pennybridge Industrial Estate in the town are looking forward to hosting Jeff Voth and his team.  These events will be on Saturday 27th May 2017.

Victory Praise Community Church Host Cavetime

The team from Cavetime Ministries will be with the Mighty Men group at VPC for two meetings. The first one is a Leaders Lunch and Ministry Workshop which will take place at 1:00pm. Please note that spaces for this are limited but still available.
Everyone is welcome at a Men’s Event which will take place in Victory Praise at 7:00pm also on 27th May.
In addition to inspirational teaching and prayer ministry, there will also be a giveaway. Each man in attendance being entered into a prize draw.

Jeff Voth is passionate about equipping men to take up their God-given place within the home, Church and society.
He said, “Most men spend their lives desperately searching for purpose—that elusive flame that smolders deep within. Cavetime exists to kindle fire in the hearts of men.
As a man, you are expected to instantly have all the answers. Regardless of your age, you can often become isolated, fearing you won’t measure up. These expectations can cause you to perform and strive, but for what? More power? More money? A better body? Another woman? Really? Real manhood is so much more.”

Jeff went on to say. “Men all over are walking around, taking up space, getting assaulted, and being beaten on. Your masculinity will be attacked and assaulted—relentlessly—on every front, and you will need some help. You need to learn to escape, regroup, recoup, and fight back. Every man needs help. Through understanding your roles and learning to use your stones—just like King David of Israel and his band of 400 brothers did—you too can become a mighty fighting force. Cavetime is a call to you and to every man. It’s a call to show up and live like what you were created to be.”

Jeff Voth is the author of ‘Cavetime and The Sling.’ His next book, ‘A Wall For His Daughters’ is set to release this Autumn.

Ballymena based Victory Praise Community Church host Cavetime Ministries. Jeff  Voth and the team from USA will be at a Leaders Lunch and a Men’s Event on Saturday 27th May.

You can get more information as Victory Praise Community Church host Cavetime Ministries on the Cavetime Ireland website. Alternatively email