Cornerstone City Church in Derry/Londonderry

Cornerstone City Church in Derry/Londonderry is a lively, contemporary community made up of local people from all over the city and beyond. They are passionately committed to ‘bringing love to life’ in our world.
The fellowship is currently located at Lisneal College, 70 Crescent Link Road, Derry/Londonderry BT47 5FQ.

Cornerstone City Church in Derry/Londonderry

It all began in the mid 1990’s. A group of around fifteen local people who, new to faith in Jesus, decided to form a small Christian community in one of their homes in Pennyburn. They quickly recognised their need for someone to lead the group. Hearing of a young Northern Irish couple returning home from a UK Bible College, the group invited Andrew and Isabelle McCourt to be the young church’s first leaders or pastors.

From then the group moved out from homes and into their own building, beginning with a third-floor office space in Castle Street. As the group grew they adopted the name Cornerstone City Fellowship and became affiliated with the Assemblies of God group of churches.  They are a global network of Pentecostal churches with relationships with like-minded churches throughout Ireland.
The small church quickly grew and over the years moved from building to building to fit the ever-increasing needs of the congregation. Cornerstone began to be more widely known in the city as a church with a heart for its community. This included serving the city through Extreme Team – a high energy primary school assembly programme. Also Kid’s Week – a week long party for kids where they learned about purpose, hope and love.

In 2009 Andrew and Isabelle followed the call of God to become the Senior Pastors of CFC in Belfast. (More recently Teaching Pastors at Bayside Church in Sacramento, California.) Brian and Judith Somerville became the new Senior Pastors of the church. Together with a committed leadership team and very dedicated staff and volunteers, they help bring the love of God to as many lives and in as many ways as possible.

Cornerstone City Church in Derry/Londonderry have reached another milestone. They have recently bought their first permanent premises in the city.

The church has recently purchased its first permanent building on Duke Street. This facility offers around 35,000 square feet of accommodation. This will allow the church to grow and impact the city and beyond with God’s love. Click here for the most up to date picture, plans and ways to support us.

Adam Montgomery, who leads the Media and Worship team at Cornerstone said.

“We look for simple ways to ‘bring love to life’ in our city and beyond. The values we strive to live by are:
• adventure
• love
• movement
• passion
• growth
• generosity
• community
• creativity
Creativity is something we believe opens up ways for our congregation to engage with God. This also drives down barriers in helping new people experience Him. Our worship team look to push themselves creatively. While doing this and seeking God’s plans for our city, they came up with the song ‘Where The River Flows’. This is based around Chapter 47 in Ezekiel where it says ‘Where the river flows, everything will live’.”
Click here to listen to a live acoustic version of the song performed by Andrew and some of the musicians at Cornerstone.
Also, check out Cornerstone City Church on Facebook here or browse their website here.