Reopening of Dundonald Presbyterian Church

The officially reopening of Dundonald Presbyterian Church took place recently. The Presbyterian Moderator, Rt. Rev. Dr. Frank Sellar encouraged members of the church by quoting the Apostle Paul, saying they were to be ‘joyful in hope.’ He was speaking after the £1.85 million refurbishment and extension programme was completed. The official reopening by the Moderator took place on Saturday 10th December 2106.

Reopening of Dundonald Presbyterian Church

The church and the adjoining old National School, which are located at the heart of Dundonald village, were built in the mid 19th century. The congregation itself is one of the oldest Presbyterian congregations in Ireland. Its first minister was installed in 1645. Today, around 350 families attend the Church.

During his address, Dr. Sellar said that it was a wonderful opportunity to be in Dundonald, to see and hear what the congregation was doing in Jesus’ name. “My warmest congratulations to the minister, session and congregation on the completion of this marvelous building project,” the Moderator said.

“It is my hope that as you anticipate the exciting future ministry entrusted to you within this community. I pray that strengthened by the Holy Spirit you will be joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer.”

Dundonald Presbyterian’s minister, Rev. William McCully, said that the church had needed substantial repair and refurbishment. The congregation took the opportunity to remodel, modernise and extend the building. This will provide contemporary 21st century facilities that could better meet its needs and the community’s.

“Our new complex is absolutely incredible. I just love it. Its a fine, modern, pleasant and bright space to be in that offers a welcoming experience to everyone who enters. I am so glad that the Moderator can be with us today,” Mr. McCully said.

“While at the end of the day a building is only four walls and a roof and will never bring anyone into the Kingdom of God, nevertheless we now have a wonderful resource that God can use for His Glory. By gospel endeavour, as well as working and networking with other local churches, we can increase our opportunities to reach those who as yet do not know Jesus.”

The Presbyterian Moderator attended the official reopening of Dundonald Presbyterian Church on 10th December. During his address he congratulated the congregation on ‘the completion of this marvelous building project’.

The project took some 14-months to complete. During this time the congregation continued to meet in the Church halls. The remodeled ground floor has been transformed into a fully equipped 300-seat worship centre. There’s also a dedicated children’s crèche, a large entrance foyer, office, coffee bar and social space. The first floor can also better accommodate the church’s children’s and youth work on Sundays, as well as various activities during the week.

Mr. McCully concluded his comments on the reopening of Dundonald Presbyterian Church by saying. “It is my hope and prayer that we will now be able to connect in a better way than before with people of all generations in Dundonald. Particularly the missing generation, who have lost touch with the church and who as yet, do not know Christ.”

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