New Song Concerts | Adair Arms Ballymena

New Song Concerts next event is a gospel concert in the Adair Arms Hotel, Ballymena. New Song Concert Promotions are an independent, non-profiting making gospel concerts organiser. Their aim is to promote good gospel music and the gospel message through music and song. Also to be able to help financially Christian charities, mission outreach and those in need.
A spokesperson for New Song explained: “We originally began as part of the New Dawn Evangelical Church based in Broughshane. However, since September this year we have, with the church’s support and blessing, branched out on our own as an independent gospel concert promotion organiser.”

“On 29th October 2016 our next event will be held in the Adair Arms Hotel, Ballymena. Guests taking part that night will be New Dawn Trio, Alex Robb, Bill Dunn and Mandy McCullough. No ticket required but an offering will be taken for Open Doors (Persecuted Church)”, they added.

New Song Concerts | Adair Arms Ballymena

The spokesperson went on to say: “Here at New Song Concert Promotions we are looking forward to some exciting concerts ahead with some fantastic gospel singing talent from here and abroad.  Our last concert with the Mark Trammell Quartet was a brilliant uplifting night.  We were so blessed by the Mark Trammell Quartet and our supporting artists Revelation, Pathway Quartet and Justified Trio.  Mark Trammell himself commented how blessed they had been by the event and impressed by the fantastic congregational singing from the folks in Northern Ireland.”

New Song Concerts next event will be a gospel concert in the Adair Arms Hotel, Ballymena on Saturday 29th October 2016 at 7:30pm.

“We have been encouraged by all the support we are receiving from across the province and are very excited about the days ahead.  We already have Lynda Randal of the Gaither Ministries booked for September 2017 who will be coming over two nights to share her singing ministry as well as her life story.

People can keep up to date on our Facebook page and details of our new web site will be available soon”, the spokesperson concluded.