Café Church At High Kirk Ballymena

A new series of Café Church at High Kirk Ballymena is getting underway on Sunday 16th October 2016. This series will run for a total of 7 weeks starting each Sunday morning at 11:30am.

“What is the greatest gift God could give you? – Himself. Why not come along and find out more as we go through the new and exciting Life Explored course. Café Church is held in the Oasis at High Kirk, a relaxed and informal setting. We would love to see you, especially if you have never, or don’t often come to regular church services.”

cafe church at high kirk ballymena

What is Café Church at High Kirk Ballymena?

Here is what High Kirk say on their website. “Café Church is an innovative concept unique to Ballymena which is designed for those who see church as irrelevant or un-engaging to them and their culture. In other words Café Church is a fresh expression of how we ‘do’ church. Combining elements of the traditional service with that of a modern coffee shop, Café Church seeks to break down traditional church in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.”

Café Church at High Kirk Ballymena

So you’re not keen on going to a traditional church service but you might consider this? Here’s what to expect when you arrive. You can sit where you want with who you want. You can have a coffee and something to eat. There will be some singing, a Bible reading, prayer and a short talk. One element which is very different to ‘traditional’ church is that you can, if you wish, be interactive with the speaker. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions on the topic covered each day. You don’t even have to agree with them – you are free to express your opinions.

If you would like more details about Cafe Church at High Kirk Ballymena you can contact Lorraine McAllister on 07922 329783. To find out what else goes on at High Kirk Church, go to their website here.