Back To Church Sunday In Kells

Back To Church Sunday in Kells Presbyterian Church is being held on Sunday, 18th September 2016 at 12noon.
Revealing a little more about the Back To Church event, the congregation’s minister, Rev. Brian Boyd said: “This is aimed at those who haven’t been to church for a while, those who have never been to church in Kells and those who have never been to any church. As part of the service we will explain all the features of a normal service – why we do what we do etc. We will also tell folk where to find crèche and other facilities in order that they feel welcome in our midst.”

Back to Church Sunday in Kells

Kells Presbyterian Church is situated at 21 Church Road, Kells BT42 3JU, approximately 5 miles south of Ballymena.

The congregation of Kells Presbyterian held its first services on 24 March 1874, with the present meeting house being built in 1876. The congregation was established as a direct result of the 1859 revival in Mid-Antrim. So many people were converted that the existing congregation in Connor could not cope with the numbers.

Back To Church Sunday in Kells Presbyterian is on Sunday 18th September at 12noon. As well as Sunday services, the Kells church has organisations and groups to cater for everyone in the church family.

Brian added: “The present congregation has approximately 300 families drawn from the local community. Recent housing development has seen an increase in new members from outside the district. This has been a positive experience and we continue to welcome all who are willing to be part of our church family.
Organisations range from the crëche for babies and young children through to the Luncheon Club for senior citizens. In between we have Sunday Zone, C.E., Campaigners, Kells Tots, Kids Zone, Bible Class, Youth Fellowship, Adult Bible Class, P.W, Praise Group and Choir.”

He went on to say: “For a number of years we have been twinned with a congregation of the Hungarian Reformed Church in Budapest and this has proved to be a profitable link. We meet for worship at 12 noon every Sunday and 6.30 pm every other Sunday. Our services have an emphasis on Biblical exposition with our services being preceded by prayer. Our midweek Bible Study meets on Wednesdays at 8.00pm and is followed by a time of prayer. We believe that prayer is a vital part of the life of the Church and our prayer committee organises various events throughout the year when we focus on specific prayer requests.”

You are invited to join them on Back To Church Sunday in Kells Presbyterian, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve gone to church, or have never been. For more information on what else is happening at Kells Presbyterian Church, log on to their website.