Alpha Course In Ballymena

You will soon have the opportunity to attend a new and updated Alpha Course in Ballymena. The Alpha Film Series will be run in Ballymena from Sunday 16th October 2016 in Costa Coffee, (beside the IMC Cinema) from 6.30pm for a number of subsequent Sundays.

The Alpha Course is designed to explore the basics of the Christian faith and has been a very effective tool in either introducing people to Christ or bringing more life to the faith of those who already are Christians. However, the Alpha Course has been updated and made into a series of half hour films which include locations shots, street interviews and input from various contributors as well as Nicky Gumbel – the developer of the course. It is, therefore, more modern and faster moving than the original course material.

Alpha Course in Ballymena

A new series of the Alpha Course in Ballymena begins on Sunday 16th October in Costa Coffee on Larne Link Rd. Interested in finding out more about the Christian faith? Why not come along and bring a friend.

The course organisers, Wilbert and Wendy Morton, said: “We will be showing two of the film sessions each night so that the course will be completed well before Christmas. In the middle of the series there will be an away day where three of the sessions will be covered.”
As a forerunner to this, Wilbert and Wendy are organising a Prophetic Worship evening with Brian Houston and Band at 7.30 p.m. in the Ballymena North Business and Recreation Centre on Friday 9th September 2016.  More details about the Prophetic Worship evening here.
Wilbert and Wendy went on to say that: “We expect this to be a fantastic evening of worship and God coming close to everyone attending. The intention is that any money left over, after expenses, from this event will go to pay for the Alpha Course. The Alpha Course will also be promoted at the Prophetic Worship evening.”
Tickets for the Worship Evening can be obtained on the Eventbrite website here. If you have any difficulty getting the tickets, please contact Wilbert on 07802964536 or Wendy on 07790059481.
Wilbert is also building up a Ballymena Community Alpha mailing list. If you would like to be on it, please email: