Calvary Braid Valley Broughshane

Calvary Braid Valley Broughshane meets for weekly worship on Sunday mornings in Broughshane House, 70 Main Street at 11.00am. But, as they say on their welcome leaflet, “For a small church, we find that we are pretty busy. We don’t want to insulate ourselves from the Christian community in Ballymena. Instead we want to be involved in fellowship with many other believers in the area. That way, we’ll be able to engage in outreach for the gospel and take advantage of other ministry opportunities.” So as well as the Sunday morning services Calvary Braid Valley are also active with Ballymena House of Prayer, Christian Vision For Men (CVM) as well as having prayer meetings, Bible studies and fellowship together at other events in the pastor’s home and other locations.

Calvary Braid Valley Broughshane

The pastor, Rick Johnston and his wife Cindy moved to Ballymena from California in 2009. They were called to serve as missionaries and they continue to serve God today in Calvary Braid Valley. Rick, talking about the Broughshane fellowship says, “Here at Calvary Braid Valley, our desire for you, or if you want to be formal and call it our ‘mission statement,’ is: To Know Jesus and Make Him Known. We want to see you thrive as a person. We want to help you to know Him better. And we want to help you meet Him if you have not already done so. We are an evangelical church with an emphasis in making the Bible understandable and relevant to people’s lives. You will be made warmly welcome if you would like to come along to any of our meetings”

Calvary Braid Valley Broughshane

An outreach project which Calvary Braid Valley Broughshane are very much involved in is The Surf Project. The Surf Project is a brilliant opportunity for young people who are interested in surfing to go along for a full week to Downhill Beach, Coleraine. Here’s most of the details –

  • The camp is from 14th August – 19th August 2016.
  • Includes meals, lodging in the local Youth Hostel, surf lessons every day, hiking in the nearby forest, campfires & other fun activities.
  • Christian based devotions every day. Youth led worship & teaching, small groups and discussions about faith and beliefs.
  • Cost of the camp is only £80 per person as a church in America is partnering with Calvary Braid Valley to heavily subsidize this outreach event.

If you or someone you know is a surfer or wanting to learn to surf, this is a brilliant opportunity to get involved at The Surf Project camp at Downhill Beach. The camp is for Christian and non-Christian young people. Those who go to church and those who don’t. If you’re intending to go to the camp, or want to get more details please get in touch with Pastor Rick on 07875 540 741 who will be glad to help.

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