Together We Can Reach More People

Yes, together we can reach more people! The Church Page, working together with many churches, have been reaching more people and helping to promote church based events, community outreach, mission, youth events and news to an ever-growing online audience since our first blog back on 26th June 2014.

The Vision

In that first blog we laid out our aim and vision for The Church Page – you can read it here. That vision is still strong in that we want ‘to provide a site on the internet where churches can benefit from being together, without walls’ and we’re delighted to say God has blessed this project as we now see thousands of people interacting with The Church Page on a weekly basis to find out what’s happening in the church community and beyond – but we don’t want it to end here!

The Church Page logo

We would love to see more churches use our free online platform. If you’re in church leadership – ministers, pastors, youth leaders, missionary representative, on the communications team – why not get in touch when you have an event, service or news item you want to get out to the wider community. The more that get involved, the more that can be praying for your event or ministry, and having it promoted to a bigger audience means a greater chance of more people attending too.

The Church Page stats.

To give you some idea of the numbers you can reach – each post to Facebook will get anywhere between 1000 – 5000 views and an average Church Page weekly Facebook reach of 7000 – 8000 and up to 10,000+ at busier times in the church calendar. That’s a lot of people! What’s even better for you – it’s FREE!

Get involved. Together we can reach more people with your church events, ministries and news.

How do you do that? If you’re in church leadership, simply get in touch with us, giving us the details you would like published. You can do that by contacting either or – send us a relevant image or logo and the information about the event, news or ministry. After editing the information we can create a blog/article which will be published on our website and we can also make use of our Facebook page and Twitter feed. If you have a look at some of the blogs already posted on our site you’ll see the format and remember this won’t cost your church a penny!

together we can reach more people

Thanks to everyone who’s supported The Church Page so far.

We would like to thank all the many individuals, churches and organisations who have supported The Church Page since it went live. Thanks to all the contributors who have given us the content to reach the point where we are today & for those who pray regularly for The Church Page and the team behind it. Together, with God’s help, The Church Page can grow to be an even more effective platform for putting Christian content on the internet – telling people in the local community of church events and services, missions, outreach events and more – together we can reach more people so your church can tell them the good news of the Gospel.