Godmodex Community Gaming Event

A Godmodex community gaming event is planned for Saturday 19th March in Harryville, Ballymena at the Sports Bowl site from 8.00pm-10.00pm. The Godmodex gaming bus will be there equipped with consoles & games.

GodmodeX March 2016

What is a Godmodex community gaming event? We asked local man and founder of Godmodex, Mike Scott, to explain what this is all about. “The aim of Godmodex is simply to share God’s love with the gaming community – that’s a worldwide community of people who enjoy playing online games on XBox & Playstation. This particular event is to give gamers in the Harryville area an opportunity to come onboard our fantastic gaming bus which is especially equipped for gamers, have some fun and it gives us, the Godmodex gaming team, an opportunity to talk to them about the Gospel.” Letting everyone know what to expect when they come on the bus, he went on to say, “When the young people come onto the bus at a community event there are a number of consoles and a variety of games for them to play on. The bus can comfortably hold up to 20 people.”
“There is a seated area to play games and a fully kitted out kitchen with tea, coffee and tuck shop available. We also have some Bibles on the bus and we share with these kids that Jesus loves them just as they are.”


Godmodex community gaming event bus

Godmodex Community Gaming event in Harryville, Ballymena.

Mike and the team are really looking forward to the Godmodex community gaming event at Harryville later this month. So if you or someone you know is into gaming then this is for you. Admission onto the bus is free. There is a tuck shop onboard if you want to buy some food and everyone is welcome.

You can keep up-to-date on Godmodex social media – Facebook & Twitter. If you would like to get in touch with Mike directly you can email him at Mike@GodmodeX.co.uk