Colombia Project Is Mission Possible For Portglenone Charity

After giving their lives to the Lord, Portglenone couple Joe and Sadie Law had a great desire to serve God and in June 2006 they set up a small family charity called Mission Possible.

Mission Possible founders Joe & Sadie
Joe and Sadie Law

Their objective was simply to help little children wherever the Lord would lead them. A pastor who was head of Open Doors in Ireland advised them to visit Egypt and Colombia.
Very quickly, they ‘fell in love’ with the South American state and its people. Consequently, the Laws have spent the past decade fundraising, visiting and showing the love of Christ to children, young people and families there who have been the subject of persecution and poverty.
Joe and Sadie began by saying: “The first five years involved working in partnership with Open Doors supporting children in an orphanage in Colombia. The parents of some of these children had been murdered for their faith in God.”
“We also funded the renovation and extension of the building. Our aim was to be there for them, treating those young people as we our own family and showing them God’s love”
“Over the last four and a half years, we have been working with One Mission Society and the objective is to provide relief and show God’s love to poverty stricken children who live on the Streets or are in danger of being abandoned Street Children (referred to as ‘the disposables’) in Bogota, the Colombian capital.” they added.
At the moment, Mission Possible supports two projects in Bogota.
One of these is a residential home for up to twenty boys who were either homeless or in danger of becoming so.
Explaining more, Joe and Sadie said: “Our objective is ultimately to reach these children and see them won for the Lord. To do that we first of all rescue them from the streets or their home where they are in danger and they are brought into this residential facility which is a haven called Hope House.”
Here, the boys receive some much needed love and care. In addition, Mission Possible pays for their education at a nearby private school and they are lovingly taught Bible stories by those who care for them.
Joe and Sadie went on to say: “Ten of the twenty boys have already given their lives to the Lord. During our last visit in October, we saw three of them get baptized at the local Christian Fellowship Church.”

Mission Possible Portglenone
The three boys who were baptised

“Another young boy called Jeff, who had suffered years of physical abuse and neglect, arrived at Hope House being totally illiterate at age 8. In the last year, he has been receiving private one-to-one tuition, has improved immeasurably and can now read and write.
“He will receive a further year of specialist support, (funded by Mission Possible) including psychological treatment to help him overcome the effects of his traumatic past, before going to a mainstream school”, they said.
The second project that is currently supported by Mission Possible is located in the Juan Rey district of Bogota. This is an area of much deprivation and extreme poverty where buildings consist of home-made shanty houses and children are used and abused in all sorts of evil practices.

Mission Possible bringing hope to communities in Colombia
A typical shanty house in Juan Rey (12 people live here)

Sadie and Joe revealed: “At the moment we have a feeding station where 85 children per day come to get a nutritious meal and again they are told about the love of God.”
“We are in the middle of building a new Church and Feeding Centre combined. This is an area where 800,000 people live and there is no Church whatsoever; the fields are white ready for harvest and we want to reach out to these people with God’s love and tell them the good news of the gospel,”
God willing, this new project will open in April this year. Church Services will be held on the building’s ground floor and will accommodate up to 300 people; the first floor will host the Feeding Centre, where up to 300 children per day will receive a nutritious meal. The top storey will house the Sunday School and offices.

Mission Possible new church building
Construction of the Church/Feeding centre is well under way

Mission Possible project ‘in the pipeline’

Another initiative that’s ‘in the pipeline’ for Mission Possible is a second Hope House, which will be a residential home for up to 20 little girls. Property has just recently been acquired for this purpose and it is anticipated that this project should be up and running by April. The funding is complete for the property but approximately £20,000 is needed to re-model and refurbish the property into a residential home where girls can escape from the horrors and evil that prevail on the Streets of Bogota.
‘Mission Possible’ also blesses individual families. One young woman, called Angie, who was beaten and abandoned by her partner simply for using contraception, received a one-off donation. This money has been used to provide food, clothing and beds for her children thus reducing the risk of them being abandoned on the streets.
God has provided for the charity in miraculous ways over the past decade. You can be a part of this work by supporting them by much needed prayer or by setting up a standing order each month or making a one-off donation through the Give.Net facility on its website which you can find here.

Joe and Sadie would also be delighted to present more of their work at your Church, home or prayer group where they can share a power point presentation and show some amazing photos of the little children who have been transformed from a life of despair, loneliness, abuse and hopelessness into one of joy, happiness and hope for a brighter future.
Psalm 27 V 10 “Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me”
Joe and Sadie are contactable to talk about the work of Mission Possible via:
Phone: 07709 156112
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