Christians Against Poverty – Debt Help

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) works with many local churches here in Northern Ireland, and also in the rest of the UK to bring hope, good news and freedom to many people who find themselves in debt and poverty. The Church Page spoke to Valerie Roebuck who heads up the Ballymena branch of Christians Against Poverty, working from it’s base in Ballymena Baptist Church. She said “Christians Against Poverty working alongside the local churches are the light at the end of a tunnel for many people in our community who for a variety of reasons have found themselves in debt and feel in a hopeless situation.”

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Valerie also went on to explain the practical ways in which CAP can be of assistance –

  • CAP will help anyone in the community who contacts them – this is a free service.
  • Every client who contacts CAP receives an appointment and will be given local support.

This support comes in a few forms: –

1. A Debt Coach – this is the person who will help with the paperwork so they can access the CAP system.

2. A Support worker – is someone who comes alongside the client on the visit and will continue to support and befriend them throughout the length of a ‘friendship’.

3. Support Team at head office – this is a team of financially trained people who will help the client with budgets and speak with the creditors, with whom they have great relationships.

Christians Against Poverty

Ballymena Christians Against Poverty centre at Ballymena Baptist Church is open 3 days a week from Tuesday – Thursday. If you would benefit from CAP support, then get in touch initially using the freephone number 0800 328 0006

 If you wish to donate and/or perhaps get involved as a volunteer with this ministry then get in touch with Valerie Roebuck on 07718 175891. Christians Against Poverty is providing a vital ministry in our community and volunteers are always needed. Could you be that person to come alongside and befriend those who are going through a financial nightmare and be able to help them with an opportunity to change their lives for the better? There’s also opportunities for your church to get involved too – click this link to find out how. Keep up to date with what Christians Against Poverty are doing by going to their website here or their Facebook page here.