Without Walls|Ballymena

Without Walls|Ballymena is an open community of Christians from many local churches who have a desire to see ministries and churches connecting, vision-sharing, partnering, working together & reaching out with increased effectiveness as they partner in the Gospel. These are just a few of their objectives and they would love you to be part of it!

Do you love your church and the local churches of Ballymena and beyond?

Do you feel our local churches and Christian outreach ministries could draw closer and work better together to take God’s message of hope into our communities?

Do you believe God can use His local churches more fully as we partner together to reach those who need to hear of God’s love?

Are you willing to be the type of ‘partner’ Paul talks about in God’s Word where he says “I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the Gospel”?

If this strikes a chord with you then please pencil in Thursday 27th November from 7.30pm – 9.30pm to your diary. Without Walls|Ballymena is a group of local Christians who feel led by the Holy Spirit to create a space where members of our local churches and Christian outreach ministry groups can come together to make natural & lasting connections, partner together when it makes sense and to reach out together across the Ballymena area. This Without Walls|Ballymena meeting is taking place in He-Brews Coffee House, Queen Street, Harryville.

Without Walls front

Without walls back

It will be an informal, relaxed & fun evening to help forge new friendships & informal partnerships, to be inspired by those already reaching out, to support and encourage those who may hold a new vision for outreach, to share, to chat and to celebrate what God has done and will do in our town and beyond. The night will also involve drinking coffee and eating cake! They’re using the hashtags #kingdomtogetherness and #kingdomtransformation and The Church Page team pray that Without Walls|Ballymena will see togetherness among the Christians of Ballymena, resulting in many people being changed for the better through God’s transformation in their lives.Read through the flyer above for fuller details of how the evening will run. Get in touch with Richard on 07730 660319 if you’re intending to go which helps the guys plan for the night. The Without Walls|Ballymena team would love to see you at He-brews on 27th November.