Take up the EURO 2024 Prayer Challenge with EMF

Members of the European Mission Fellowship are encouraging football-loving Christians to use the forthcoming EURO 2024 soccer tournament, starting on 14th June, as an opportunity to pray for the continent.
Believe it or not, Europe is now the least evangelised continent on earth!
Of the nearly 750 million people in the land-area, it’s estimated that fewer than 2.5% are Evangelical Christians. The statistics are shocking, yet why do we so often jump over Europe when we pray or offer help?

EMF sees the EURO 2024 Championships as a terrific opportunity to raise awareness of the great spiritual need of a continent which in global terms is prosperous, and typically proud of its progressive ethos. At the same time, however, the people of Europe are generally uninterested in, and at times hostile to, the biblical message about Jesus Christ.

Christians who will be following the EURO 2024 event in Germany have an opportunity to use each match as a reminder to pray for the nations taking part in the championships. EMF has published a colourful fixture and results chart (available on request from EMF offices) which can be filled in by football enthusiasts, who will be encouraged to ‘Pray as they Play.’ Key data about the spiritual situation of a few participant countries is also given, aiming to highlight the urgent need for the people of Europe to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

For 65 years the European Mission Fellowship has been helping small churches across Europe to reach out to their fellow citizens with the hope of the Christian gospel. Funded mainly by donations from churches and individuals in the UK, the organisation currently supports over 100 workers in (at present) 20 European countries.

To request wall charts for your family, youth group, fellowship group, or school, simply contact hq@europeanmission.org.

Take up the EURO 2024 Prayer Challenge with EMF

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