Flourish – A Churches’ Initiative on Suicide

Flourish is a interdenominational suicide prevention, support and training initiative which is also backed by the Public Health Agency.

The aim of the Flourish project is to enhance, support and provide training for Churches and members of the clergy who are at the forefront of providing support and caring for communities and families who have been affected by suicide or the suspected suicide of a loved one.

Every Church teaches the sanctity of life and that every possible means should be taken to prevent a person from taking his or her own life.  Churches are also committed to offering compassionate pastoral care who are bereaved or who are in despair.

Flourish seeks to provide support for the mental health of clergy, helping them to manage the huge demands on their very own wellbeing.

The project also offers guidelines on suicide prevention to Churches, supporting people who have been bereaved by suicide, and promoting emotional wellbeing.

Several resources and training modules are available on the Flourish website.

If you are a Church worker or clergy member who would like to access the services available from Flourish, please telephone: 02890 755070 or log on to www.wewillflourish.com

Flourish – A Churches Initiative on Suicide