Know & Grow Makaton Training Courses now offered to churches from first week of April 2024

Know & Grow Makaton Training has just been released by Makaton & SignSimply and has been in development for 12 years. This resource is aimed at Churches of every denomination, including Catholic fellowships. The reason for this exciting development is to make sure that disabled people are included in church life and worship.

Grant Wetherall, who resides in Ballymena and is a retired Senior Social Worker, is still working as a licensed Makaton tutor and sign language instructor. He also has 30 years of experience supporting children, adults and families who are affected by communication difficulties and other disabilities, with 27 of these teaching The Makaton Language Programme.

Revealing his heart for the Know and Grow initiative, Grant told The Church Page:
“My heart with the Know & Grow training, is to encourage local and national Churches to be more inclusive of the disabled people they serve. This new skill will enable Church leaders and parents/carers to communicate more effectively in their Church meetings. I have assisted Wellington Church (Ballymena) in the past by teaching the Girls Brigade the Lord’s Prayer, which they demonstrated one Sunday morning. The Lord’s Prayer is part of the training programme.”

He went to say; “It is my vision to see other Church leaders trained up to carry this course through. On completion of the full day training (or 2 x 3-hour sessions), leaders will be encouraged to complete the Training the Trainer Programme. The aim is to enable the disabled person/s to feel more involved in church worship/service. I will also assist the Church/s to include symbols around their buildings thus making communication more accessible to the disabled person/s. Rather than the disabled person/s feeling excluded from the Church.”

The training can be completed over two three-hour period (6 hours in total plus breaks). Grant can train up to a maximum of 15 participants at any one session. Training will be carried out at the enquirers church building. They will learn 163 signs, the BSL alphabet and how to communicate with symbols. There will be in depth training on how to communicate with disabled people, and how to involve them in the worship of the Church service.

Session One – 3 hours: – Communication Game / What is Makaton and who uses it? / Practice sessions / Introduction to the use of Symbols / Practice sessions.
Session Two – 3 hours: – Prospects Song – We are here together / Bible story of Samuel and Eli / Bible stories and worship songs practice/ The Lord’s Prayer / Worship Time.

Here is a breakdown of the costs involved with receiving the Know & Grow Training:
. Training fee for one full day (6 hours – or 2 three-hour sessions) = £500.00
. Compulsory Makaton Training Manuals = £15.00 including p&p.
. Mileage allowance 50p per mile return

Churches who are interested in undergoing the Know & Grow Makaton training can contact Grant via: or

Know & Grow Makaton Training Courses now offered to churches from first week of April 2024