Hope4All Outreach Centre to open in Ahoghill ‘with a heart to serve our community’

Hope4All Outreach Centre is a new Christian initiative which will open at The Diamond in Ahoghill on Monday 22nd January 2024.

Explaining what Hope4All is about, their spokesperson told The Church Page:
“Are you finding life to be a continual struggle? Difficulties and disappointments? Fears in the present – fears for the future? Not sure where or who to turn to?
There are times and situations where perhaps we just need someone to share our concerns, hurts and fears with those outside of our circle of family and friends.

That is the aim of Hope4All Outreach Centre – to be a place where you would find a warm welcome, a caring listening ear, people who will come alongside you to encourage you through your difficulties, to guide you in the right direction to get advice or professional help. To share with you that there is hope for everyone, no one should feel that all is hopeless, no one should ever have to feel that no one cares.

The centre will be staffed by volunteers with a heart to serve our community. If anyone needs to contact us we can also be contacted on Facebook or mobile number 07830 157588.”

Hope4All Outreach Centre to open in Ahoghill 'with a heart to serve our community'

For more information on Hope4All Outreach Centre, Ahoghill, visit their Facebook page.