Job Vacancy at Hope and Light Jewellery – Sales Manager

Hope & Light Jewellery have a vacancy for a Sales Manager.

Founder of Hope and Light Jewellery, Laura Rainey explains: “Our goal is to provide hope and light to women and children who have been trafficked and exploited across Asia. We invest our profits in initiatives which prevent people being trafficked, reach women seeking escape, and restore those who take that courageous step. Profits from our survivor made jewellery sales directly benefit the women and children in the programs we support. 

Through multiple projects across Asia, women are receiving an alternative to the work and systems in which they have been trapped. We are offering them freedom, teaching them skills and providing them with safe work. Most of all, we seek to show these women that they are worth so much more, that they are valued, and that they are loved. We want them to grow in strength and dignity, finding freedom and hope along the way.”

Job Vacancy at Hope and Light Jewellery – Sales Manager

 Key responsibilities associated with new role are

  1. To demonstrate a passion for the charity’s aims and values, and to communicate those effectively to customers from a range of faith and non-faith backgrounds.
  2. To be motivated and well-organised.
  3. To provide excellent customer service, assisting with online, shop, and off-site sales.
  4. To lead the organisation of stock and day-to-day store operations.
  5. To replenish stock for off-site sales and third-party stockists. 
  6. To generate sales and raise profitability
  7. To contribute to the overall effectiveness of the team.
  8. Any other relevant duties assigned by the Director.

Role information:

Role type: Permanent, part-time.

Hours: 16 hours per week, to be reviewed after 6 months.

Pay: £21,000 (pro rata, based on 35 hours per week)

Probation Period: 6 months

Start date: 1/9/23(negotiable)

For further details of this position click on this link to go to the Hope and Light website.