Radio Cracker Ballymena presents funding totalling £51,021 to charities

Radio Cracker Ballymena held its annual dinner and cheque presentation on Saturday 18th March 2023. They were delighted to be able to present funding totalling £51,021 to the nine designated charities for 2022. Representatives from six of the charities attended the dinner and gave informative presentations showing how the money will be used to fund their various projects. The others who were unable to attend in person sent videos or reports detailing how their funding would be spent.

A spokesperson for Radio Cracker Ballymena said, “We would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who supported our 2022 campaign. After two very difficult years of Covid-19 restrictions it was so good to get back to doing live shows, having the shop open again and being able to run our usual fundraisers throughout the year.

“This all resulted in a total of £51,021 being raised, a figure we were delighted with, and which meant we were able to fully support all our designated charity’s projects. Having listened to the representatives at the presentation evening, it brought home the importance of this funding to them, allowing them to bring hope and show God’s love in practical ways to so many communities in several countries across the world. Just one example of how it will help – it will bring clean water to a community in Africa where we heard about a lady in her 80’s having to walk many miles to get water, but the only water she can get is contaminated and makes her family sick! Now with Radio Cracker’s help, she and her family and community will have clean water to drink and no water-borne diseases to worry about. Every representative had similar stories of how our gifts would bring practical and essential help to communities who are in so much need of the basics in life!

The charities who received the funding are: – Second Sight, BREAD for Kenya, E3 Initiative, EMMS International, Kids4School, Fields of Life, Samaritan’s Purse, Mulyata Children’s Mission and Mission Africa. You can find out in more detail about all the projects we supported on our website –

The spokesperson went on to say, “Thanks to First Ahoghill Presbyterian Church for hosting our Dinner and Cheque Presentation evening and to Margaret from BLM and the team for providing an excellent 3 course meal. It was a perfect way to wrap up our 2022 campaign and now its time to do it all again for 2023. For many, Radio Cracker just pops up every year at Christmas, but the planning for another year of fundraising starts now!”