Students get clued in at Timeless Theological Academy

The Timeless Theological Academy (TTA) is back up and running again after the summer break with numerous students enjoying a range of courses. Whilst based in Ballymena, TTA has a global student body.

According to it’s website, the Academy is: ‘Evangelical with a heart for mission, it is our desire to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations. The fruit of this commission is to teach and seek to apply everything that Jesus has taught us. In fact, the whole of scripture is a testimony to the greatness, majesty and love of our wonderful God. We are distinctly evangelical and for the sake of brevity and clarity, we endorse the basis of faith of the Evangelical Alliance. We are aiming to become not only a credible presence within Ireland but one that works for the spiritual transformation of its student, and as a result, discernible changes within society.

Our tutors are also keen students of the Word of God. As well experienced practitioners in the classroom, they are actively involved in local churches and global missions. They bring to you a lifetime of learning and experience, and have a passionate desire to impart to you something of what God has taught them throughout the years.’

Those who have pioneered the TTA believe that theological training should be affordable, achievable and practical.
Students from a range of academic backgrounds are currently studying a range of courses in areas including Church History, The Bible and Mission and Everyday Missionaries to name just three.
Some of the learners are undertaking the courses to increase their knowledge, others are working towards their Certificate in Foundation Studies or Diploma in Applied Theology.

Students get clued in at Timeless Theological Academy
Students enjoying one of the courses offered by Timeless Theological Academy

Joe Boyd, Communications Officer for the Timeless Theological Academy, is one of those currently undertaking the Church History Course.
He said: “I am a veteran of many colleges and universities, and I can honestly say that I have rarely enjoyed classes as much as I do at Timeless Theological Academy. The courses are interesting, relevant and challenging, yet extremely accessible. The tutors are not only gifted communicators but sincere Christians with a genuine desire to help students to grow in the Lord.”

Joe added: “At our recent Opening Celebration Night, we had the pleasure of having both Deputy Lord Mayor, Beth Adger MBE and Rick Hill, Author of ‘Deep Roots of Resilient Discipleship,’ who brought tremendous words of encouragement and challenge.”

Courses are taught both online and in-person at the Timeless Theological Academy’s premises on Larne Street, Ballymena.
For more information on the Timeless Theological Academy, visit their website.