‘A Mind of Their Own’ – Care For The Family Event // November 2023

‘A Mind of Their Own’ is a two day event being organised by Care For The Family, which is coming to two separate venues in Northern Ireland in November 2023.

The first event will be held at Emmanuel Church Lurgan on Tuesday 29th November 2022 and the second at Holywood Baptist Church on Wednesday 30th November 2022 from 7:30pm-10pm.
Tickets are priced at £4, (early bird), £7, (full price) and £5, (concession)

‘A Mind of Their Own’ – what’s it all about?
It’s no secret that anxiety levels and struggles with mental wellbeing are on the rise in children. However, mental health experts agree that parents have incredible power to help their children build strong emotional resilience. A Mind of Their Own is a live event from Care for the Family packed with up-to-date advice to equip you to support your children.
You’ll come away with:
• A better knowledge of how you can teach your child to not only bounce back from
setbacks, but bounce forward in strength, character and development.
• Why learning to fail is important.
• A re-established confidence in knowing you’re the best person to help your child.

'A Mind of Their Own’ – Care For The Family Event – November 2023

“Care for the Family provides a wide range of support in three key areas of family life – marriage, parenting and bereavement. This includes marriage and parenting courses, bereavement support, family breaks and faith in the family, as well as a wide range of resources in support of each of these core areas. We have over 80 staff, supported by many volunteers across the UK.”
For more information and to book your place on ‘A Mind Of Their Own’, log on to: cff.org.uk/moto